Friday, August 20, 2010

You always knew you would be an illustrator?

I have always known I wanted to express myself in an artistic sort of way, regardless of the medium or discipline.

I'm no more an illustrator than a graphic designer or a sculptor or a book publisher or a person who likes to write poetry. When I'm putting a book together I feel the same joy as if I was drawing or sculpting or writing poetry. I don't claim to be good at any one particular thing, I might be better at one over the other but I do enjoy them all the same so they are the same to me.

I don't call myself an illustrator because that's not what I do for a living, I have done a couple of illustrations here and there, but not enough to deserve that title. An illustrator generally brings to life other people's ideas or writings, I'm not interested in illustrating other people's ideas, just my own.

I say I'm a person who loves to draw, mainly because that's true and that's what I do the most but if I couldn't draw, it wouldn't matter much, I'm sure I'd be doing something else, something art-related, though.