Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alberto, I love your works. But as a teenager...

Alberto, I love your works. But as a teenager, I am just not so used to the "F" and "S" words that you put here without any discretion. Do you always expose those words to your loved one too? You did something that question askers here never did.

Well, isn't this interesting?

First of all, if you love my "works" and are offended by my words but not by the sexual nature of the images I draw, there's a serious flaw in your character. I don't believe you are a teenager because a teenager drops more "F Bombs" than most adults I know, any time. Even if you were such a proper and model teenager, you have got a lot of growing up to do; you should not be visiting my pages or reading the answers I provide to the dopey questions I receive.

If you were a smart teenager, you would be able to discern between my responses to idiotic questions, which are given in jest and in an almost "cartoon violence"-like tone and the semi educated answers I give to serious or legitimate questions. Read the different replies to the many different questions and then tell me to my face that I don't show any discretion.

If you ask a stupid question you'll receive and even more stupid answer. If you ask an intelligent question, you might get an intelligent answer or at least an honest answer which can only be as intelligent as my intelligence (or lack of such) can allow.

Secondly: That's the beauty of a free society. You don't have to read all the "F" and "S" words. You are free to change the channel. Stop reading me altogether. What I give to you comes free of charge, unfortunately for you, the naked girls come with the foul mouth. If you don't like it, tell me how much you paid for my content and I'll give you your money back.

Thirdly: I am an artist, as such, words to me are tools and symbols of self expression, no different than lines on paper. I don't think you are an artist, either, your asking this very question proves to me that you are a fake and a fraud You are not who you say you are, you hide behind the dark veil of anonymity, you are a coward and a failure as a parent and as a human being. If you really want to censor what your children read or watch, cancel your cable TV subscription.

I feel your attitude is somewhat hypocritical in that you don't mind the full nudity being displayed at will on my blogs, but rather you focus on my apparent use (or abuse) of the english language. At worst, you are a self-righteous phony and extremely ignorant in the matters of the arts. At best you are a genuinely clueless person with good intentions; I believe in people so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, I'll go with the latter.

Remember this: There is nothing an artist cannot express, no subject is taboo and there are no limits to his/her methods and tools to achieve that self-expression. It is up to you, the viewer, the reader, if you feel offended by the art of others (in this case by the art of written self-expression) to not allow it to corrupt you and offend you, it is YOU who has the self-responsibility and the power to not continue to be a patron of my art and of my written art, in particular.

Notice that no "F" or "S" words were used in this reply, so far.

Btw: I do understand human protocols of behavior and I also know when those formalities do not matter. I do not curse in front of my clients or in front of my young children, even though my children curse like sailors when they're among their peers (not in front of me, though) and seldom in front of my wife. However, in the presence of my brother—whom I love deeply—I sound like a motherfucking truck driver. Go figure!

Anyway, thanks for the question. Now turn off the computer and go to sleep, it's way past your bedtime.