Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thought of The Day Nov 22, 2009

Lately I've seen a few artists turned into motivational speakers. My first reaction was: "Big steaming pile o'shit!" but then I thought: "What could be better than corrupting innocent and susceptible young minds with psycho babble disguised as sound wisdom?"
The answer is sex, but I digress. So I started a new series of inspirational and motivational tweets entitled: "Thought of the day". Collect them all (or not):

NOTE: These are my 'Thoughts of the Day' originally posted on my Facebook page. I'm reposting them here for archival purposes as per the request of my dear friend Alvin, who does not have a Facebook account and most likely never will.

DISCLAIMER: These are general observations and actual random thoughts or dreams, usually made in a playful or sarcastic tone, aimed almost exclusively at fellow artists in training and art students. I'm sick and tired of people posting quotes from celebrities, dead or alive. These are my own thoughts and my interpretations or stuff I've heard others say. My own experiences as flawed and crazy as they may seem to you.

If you see yourself being portrayed or addressed in one form or another, don't be too concerned, I'm not speaking to you directly, I don't even know you.

Any similarity with any person or persons alive or dead is purely intentional.

These 'thoughts' are 240 characters in length, sometimes less. Some of the follow-ups may be longer. I am aware most issues, solutions or sound advice cannot be compressed into such a tight space, but that's what you get. This is offered free of charge so don't email me with complaints, although I welcome your comments I will not tolerate trolls or non-artists.

The main idea for this exercise is to make young artists and students aware of the many pitfalls in this so called 'Business of Art' and the many assholes who run it.