Saturday, November 13, 2010

I wonder why you love to draw women?

What exactly do you find inspiring in them?

A woman —any woman— is the most beautiful thing on this or any other planet. If this fact is not apparent to you, you and I have less in common than you think.

What inspires me is that despite having pretty much the same basic structure, they are vastly different from men.

Even women artists themselves love to draw women, ask them why and they will tell you the same thing. Women are beautiful.

Besides being living, breathing works of art, they are difficult to draw; drawing men is easy, drawing animals and flowers and buildings is even easier. I don't enjoy doing things that are easy, anyone can do that. I love animals and buildings and men but they're a bore to draw, there is no challenge in that whatsoever.

I believe at the very core of my being that if a person is to be called him/herself an artist in the true sense, in the human sense he/she must come to the understanding that only by mastering the human form, in particularly the female form, he/she can become an artist. This is my personal believe, furthermore, I don't give a shit if others think differently; I know they are wrong and deep inside of them they know it also :)

For men, women are complicated to figure out as individuals and they are even more complicated to draw convincingly, that's why most male artists treat women as objects. They don't understand them and that frustrates them, so they draw what they perceive as opposed to how women really are, they think drawing women is all about sex so they draw women how they see them or wish to see them, not what they look like in real life. I'm not saying that women are not sexual, I'm saying that's one small part of what makes a woman, well, a woman. I don't try to understand them, they were not made to be understood so I made it my job in life to try and figure them out artistically. I may never be entirely successful but I like to think I'm onto something.

It's not a sexual thing for sure, I like porn but I hate artistic (erotic) porn. Women are by default sexual beings in ways that men can't match. In the end, things are never that simple, I attempted once to explain my fascination with women but I fell short, let's just say it's complicated.