Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thought of The Day Jan 7, 2010

As artists, how do we avoid objectifying women?

First, you must arrive at the understanding that women aren't objects but subjects.

The line might be thin but is also strong. If —as it has been said— Art mirrors the artist and not his/her subject, then you must respect the subject because the subject is in essence, YOU. If you don't value and respect yourself, you'll never respect your subject

F.U. We can stop an uninformed viewer from perceiving what we do as artists as objectifying women. I did say 'it's a thin line'.

It has little to do with execution and everything to do with honest intent and purpose.

People (read the viewer) do what they do and they want what they want. If your intention is to exploit and utilize women, or men or children or whatever, rather than to honor your artistic bend and integrity, unless it's painfully apparent, it's up to you to recognize and come to terms with.

If you do it in ignorance, then learn, educate yourself. Study the subject and most importantly study yourself, try and see things from a woman's perspective.