Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thought of The Day Dec 1 2009

People are fans, artists are admirers.

F.U. Well, look around you, this place is full of fans, I truly like what I wrote because is the most intelligent thought I have ever had (and the Lord knows I don't have many intelligent thoughts, my balls usually do the thinking for me, as it should be due to the nature of what I love doing) The crickets have spoken, just a few people "like" that post for a good reason. This place is nothing but a gathering of fans of some sort or another. You do understand the meaning of the word 'surrender'?

The minute you declare yourself "a fan" of a fellow artist, regardless of his/her relevance or stature, you surrender your dignity and free will. There's nothing wrong with admiring someone or something someone creates or does but being a "fan" is artistic suicide.

Fans are drones, fans follow blindly, fans do not question, do not reason; fans, in their true form, can not muster the courage to challenge (intellectually or otherwise) the object of their devotion. To become a fan is to grow into the opposite of what an artist should aspire to become. I don't have an issue with people being fans, people are dumb and their nature is to follow like sheep. Art is something else altogether.

Fuck all self-professed fans and the goat they rode in on.

You are a true artist, you're no fan!