Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thought of The Day Dec 20, 2009

Being negative and pretending you hate everything you draw gets old pretty quick. If you really hate what you draw so much, try knitting sweaters instead (or learn how to draw).

F.U. Being self-critical is great!! That is what I have been advocating all along. I am not talking about painting, painters have a whole lot of other issues to deal with. Before I start to paint I want to learn how to draw. 

When you are learning to draw, It is imperative that you observe and practice. when this is done conscientiously, progress is inevitable. 

In my personal opinion, If an artist can not find anything in this process to enjoy or to like, if new forms of expression, however minor, are not encountered, if there are no 'eureka!' moments at all; then the whole exercise is fruitless and useless. Go drive a truck.

If someone (other than you) after seeing one of your drawings, says to you: "It sucks, I hate it!" you might reply: "Hey, man, wait a second! be more specific, what is it that you dislike?, what is it that you hate?, you just can't generalize like that" 

You might even be offended by the comment. Unless, of course, you knew all along that what you presented was a piece of shit, in which case why bother?

Likewise, you wouldn't say this to yourself. That's how you become a better artist, you may not like it, you don't have to like everything you do but you simply cannot hate everything you do.

 Ask yourself questions about it, find what is wrong and fix it. There might be things about it that you don't like and such but if you really hate everything, end it all, there is no use.

There is nothing wrong in drawing something you will eventually hate, that's actually a good thing because it may mean that you are moving beyond that particular piece, that you are better now than you were then. Perhaps you felt if was great, OK or just sufficient at that point in time but now you have grown. 

You can not continue to beat yourself over your own progress or lack of it. That is not constructive if it's really the way you feel about it and if you are lying to yourself, it's even worse. 

If you can't avoid being negative or you can't find anything positive about what you do then what is the point in continuing? I may be wrong but to me it says you either need professional help or Drawing may not be your thing.

I always generalize for effect, otherwise 'The Thought of the Day' wouldn't fit on the bumper sticker but I'm sure you guys know what I mean.